My Rape Fantasy Fulfillment

 I never say no to anything. I want to experience it all. Hubby sets up all our adventures to enjoy. If you have read our other posts you know we have done the blindfolded gang bang many times. Hell, I never know who is doing what to me or how many are there. In a way that was my first introduction to being raped. It sort of felt that way the first time hubby set one of those blindfolded gang bangs up. Since we do get lots of emails and requests for different fantasies to be fulfilled including the rape fantasy, hubby has arranged for lots of guys to have their change to do just that to me. I never know when where or how it will happen but it does. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been raped. Raped only in the sense that I wasn’t expecting it nor ever met the guy who was forcing himself on me. I am a willing “victim” and enjoy every rape adventure hubby has set up for me. I’ve been pushed into alleys, bathrooms, vehicles etc. forced to do whatever the guy or guys wanted me to do. Some ripped all my clothes off, left me bruised bleeding and naked when they were done. Others were almost too polite to even call it a rape simply pulling my dress up and taking me from behind without much force. Whatever the fantasy is, I am there to fulfill it. I actually enjoy those sudden unexpected unplanned moments of pleasure (yes I find huge pleasure in this fantasy, the rougher more realistic the better). Hell I couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever been raped without it being preplanned. I’m sure it has happened because hubby has on occasion sworn he was not involved in planning such an adventure when it happened. Now here it is MY PERMISSION TO RAPE ME. If you ever see me in public I assure you I want you to fulfill this fantasy of your’s. You can be as forceful as you desire inflicting as much pain as you wish. The last rape fantasy I fulfilled wasn’t that long ago. I was walking along a downtown street when a van drove up along side me. The driver rolled down the passenger window asking me for directions. As I was leaning into his window giving him a nice down my shirt view the side door slid open and two guys pushed me into the van. They pulled a thick cloth bag over my head and was immediately ripping my clothes off. I knew from the voices that there were several guys but I didn’t know how many. The van was still moving as I was being held down and fucked by each guy. The floor of the van was cold hard rippled metal and the guys were showing no mercy as they slapped my breasts and face, pulled my hair and held me tight against that hard cold floor. I’m not sure how long it lasted but when it was over I was thrown out of the van deep in some woods on a dirt road just as the van sped off covering me in mud as they left spinning their tires. I was naked and alone, covered in mud and cum, bruised and sore all over. I was afraid not knowing where I was thinking about that TV show “Naked and Afraid”. How long would I be lost? Was this a “real” rape? Was my hubby aware of what had happened? Was he coming to rescue me? I was planning how to get myself out of this mess, hoping that my hubby would appear any second when I saw flashlights and heard voices. I shouted for help hoping someone would hear me. Six guys appeared all shining their lights on me checking me out. Before I could say anything, they grabbed me and took turns holding me down and fucking all my holes. They finally tied me between 2 trees with my arms and legs stretched out as far as they could go. They discussed killing me so I couldn’t identify them. Instead they used sticks and their belts to whip me telling me that they would do worse if I ever told on them. I was a human pinata as they stood around me landing lick after lick leaving red whelps and drawing blood. I was actually afraid they would beat me to death. And just like that they stopped and walked away laughing occasionally shining a light back at me for another look at what they had done. I remained there tied between those trees listening to the sounds of the night imagining wild animals having me for dinner. My naked bleeding stripped body shining in the moonlight as I tried to appraise how bad it really was. My teeth were chattering partly from the cool night but partly from being frightened. After what seemed to be hours (but hubby swears it wasn’t even a full hour), a car slowly comes up the dirt road. When the headlights of the car fully envelop me totally exposing my naked body to the otherwise dark forest I hear a familiar voice. It was my husband’s shadow I was seeing stepping out into the headlights. He just stood there taking it all in. I was relieved that I was “rescued” and apparently the rape wasn’t “real” although it felt very real to me and I’m sure it was for all who participated. Finally my hubby walked over to me but instead of cutting me loose, he too had his turn fucking me first in my pussy before moving behind me and fucking me up my ass. As he was enjoying himself in the lights from the car, he explained how the adventure was planned. The same guys from the van also were the ones who “found” me and tied me to the trees. He was nearby the whole time trying to keep it as realistic as possible. Hubby continued fucking me, switching from pussy to ass, squeezing my breasts and hearing my take on the evening as I told him he had truly pulled it off. I had to promise to give him a blow job the whole way back to the motel room before he cut me down. Yes I climaxed several times during this very realistic rape and I loved every minute of it. So I encourage everyone who has this fantasy to fulfill it with me. THIS IS MY PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING YOU DESIRE TO ME INCLUDING FORCING YOURSELF ON ME. I assure you I want you to enjoy every detail of your fantasy and you will never have to reveal yourself to me or my husband. I will never report it either as hell I would never know it was a “real” rape or one that hubby arranged. Besides I am begging you to do it so I am a willing participant. Please use the voucher above as your invite. You can email us at to work out details if you have any fantasies you wish fulfilled.

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The best known slutwife ever. I love all the exposure my photos get on your website. I wish I could expose myself in more places in real life but a body cant be in more than one place. Google Slut Terry Webb and you will find me. Im already exposed by name and it is extremely exciting to me. I want to be the best known slut wife ever. Long after Im dead and gone I want to live on like Bettie Mae Page the Queen of Pin-ups. She is my long time role model. My life story: Virgin Bride to Slutwife

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